Spatial Distribution of Criminal Events Over Lithuania in 2015-2019


The map poster represents the statistics of 3.5 million of events reported to the police of Lithuania in 2015–2019. For each of the eight main groups of events (violent crime, thefts, property crime, economic crime, infringement of public policy, drug-related crime, traffic accidents and various other crime), two hexagonal lattice maps at scale 1:3,000,000 are compiled that show the values of cumulative crime location quotient and the main insights into the dynamics over the five-year time. Two maps at scale 1:2,000,000 show the distribution of the five types of events (crime events) that are directly related to safety of people in the country: violent crime, thefts, property crime, infringements of public policy and drug-related crime – total 1.7 million of records. One of the larger scale maps depicts relative crime rate, separately for densely and sparsely populated territories that are represented by lattice of regular diamond-shaped and hexagonal cells correspondingly. The second map shows the results of spatial analysis – relative crime risk surface and tentative regions of crime in Lithuania. Location quotient and dynamics maps at scale 1:4,000,000 are compiled for the events of those five types that have taken place in open space. The maps allow for the visual analysis of the most problematic areas and for deeper further investigation.

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